Smart City Visual Solution

Cities of all sizes are Adopting Digital signage to accelerate their digital transformation in a fast-paced changing world. The current context highlights the need for any organisation to quickly adapt their communication practices and how best to interact with their audience. Digital signage takes center stage in this digital transformation helping cities and buildings go ‘smart’.

Maxtell displays connected to live data offer a unique way to communicate your message more effectively and in real time. Whether it is to inform people about occupancy before entering a space, or to manage traffic with smart road-sign systems, any public organization can benefit from this technology to make smarter decisions in near real time.

Wall Display


Digital Signage Solution

Maxtell Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED, projection and e-paper to display digital images, video, web pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings etc., to provide way finding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising. They are used as a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising to targeted audiences.

Auditorium Display Solution

Maxtell Auditoriums Solutions provided Audio-Visual systems, Automation & Control Systems, Wireless Collaboration Systems, Large Displays & high end projectors, Sound Reinforcement Systems, Interpretation Systems, and Stage Lighting Systems etc.



Conference Display Room

Maxtell provides best Conference rooms that have always played an essential role in collaboration in the workplace. Its feeling of collaborative environment that helps organizations of all sizes to connect/share ideas and take key decisions. Brands we prefer in conference system: BOSCH /BXB/TAIDEN.

We provide CISCO & POLYCOM VCS/AMX/GEAZEN/AKG to connect multiple locations thereby saving tremendous cost & time to improve business process. Also, through OEM ranging from a single point to multiple point group interaction in multiple locations are now much easier that too with the use of just a normal telephone line.

Smart Class Room Display Solution

We are leading service providers for smart classroom solutions.  We provide LED based complete solution with premium interactive panel, video conferencing and speakers



·       SPEAKERS & MIC

Extraordinary things happen when Education & Technology come together. We harness technology to make learning a fun, interactive, and collaborative experience.




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Largest installation base of LED Displays in India


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