Maxtell’s Interactive panel Have the function of writing, drawing, multimedia entertainment and online meetings etc. Correct serration show characters and lines smoothly. Decrease visual error reduce operation mistakes improve writing speed and fluency.

1. The ultra-narrow frame design is simple and beautiful, infrared 20 touch, high sensitivity writing is smoother 

2. 4K HD display, AG anti-glare tempered glass, Mohs grade 7 hardness, the picture is more soft and clear 

3. Dual system Windows and Android switch freely, integrated in computer, Android TV, and electronic whiteboard 

4. With double magnetic suction pen in front, the touch pen is more convenient to pick and place before and after use

 5. Computer modular design, OPS / pull-out PC setting, simple and convenient maintenance 

6. Used for Conference training/ Classroom Teaching.


Android OS

 Android 8.0 or above  4G RAM, 16 GB Rom optional  RJ45/WIFI  Infrared touch

Windows OS

 Intel i3 i5 i7 optional  256GB SSD(500GB HHD optional)  Infrared touch  Windows system

Please download the Brochure for detailed product specifications