The government has been focusing on the digital transformation of all facets including communication and administration. We offer specialized DOOH solutions for smart cities, command and control centers, administration offices, etc. Maxtell India understands the Indian market conditions and its versatility, our engineering and design capability coupled with a wide service network enable us to serve and maintain each digital display in the remotest corner of India.

LED Display Solutions For Government


Outdoor Display Solutions

A smart city solution is one of the flagship products designed for the government. The smart pole is an outdoor LED display along with a back-end software solution. This enables a centralized network of digital display to push the dynamic content with minimum manual intervention. The smart pole is robust, high brightness, minimum maintenance display with optional features like weather sensor, energy saver, and analytics. Variable Message Signs are electronic and intelligent displays that depending on the traffic situation guide, inform, and warn commuters on highways and expressways regarding road conditions, accidents, and safety measures. LED displays on the façade can be effectively used to share dynamic information and to monetize as an ad space.

Indoor Display Solutions

Along with generic indoor LED displays for lobbies and other indoor areas, we offer a very specialized indoor LED display solution for the command and control center. The fine pixel pitch display coupled with powerful processing offers a seamless visual experience for control centers. The multiple inputs allow the officials to see the overview of multiple data for quick and apt decision making. The lowest failure rates, backup mechanism, and quick troubleshooting make these displays very reliable for a critical application like control centers. Command & Control Center displays are certified with EMC along with other standard certifications.

Software Solutions For Government

Our bouquet of solutions includes interactive and digital signage solutions supporting regional languages. Interactive self-service kiosks can be installed as a city guide. Maxtell India kiosk is tamper resistant and can be placed at all strategic locations like stations, bus-stops, important junctions, etc. without the fear of them being damaged. These kiosks are bright enough (2000 Nits of light) to allow readability even in an outdoor environment. The digital signages at administrative offices like tahsil, visa office, and others can help the authority to inform and guide people quickly and effectively.