Hospitals are mission-critical environments and clear, concise communication is important to ensure the right messages are delivered at the right time. From navigating the facility, to donor walls, to patient care facilities, there are a host of use cases within a hospital where an impactful display solution can deliver the sophisticated tools needed to communicate quickly and efficiently throughout the facility. Patients, visitors, doctors and hospital employees all need regular, up-to-date and targeted information whilst onsite. Having an easy-to-navigate experience creates a much less stressful atmosphere at a time when tensions are already running high. As hospitals increasingly look to create these enhanced experiences, hospital managers need to differentiate what they offer to stay ahead of the competition and an innovative display solution can help them do just that. Samsung’s healthcare displays enable businesses in the hospital industry to meet the growing expectations of patients, visitors and staff. In addition, these optimized displays deliver on the most important values to the industry – differentiated experience, fast and easy communication, and productivity with reduced administration costs.

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